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Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Finance and Risk Management


The MSc in Finance and Risk Management (CLM FiRM) offers its prospective students an advanced education in finance and quantitative risk management. The course is a combination of economic theory for finance with mathematical methods (probability theory, statistics, numerical analysis) for finance and insurance.

Graduates should be able to work as specialists in quantitative-oriented areas of the financial services industry, such as trading, risk or asset management, or to work in specialized areas of an insurance company. 
The MSc in Finance and Risk Management aims at preparing students for high-level careers as risk and assets managers, actuaries, business specialists, quantitative analysts in insurance companies and consultancy firms.

The students who complete the MSc in Finance and Risk Management are eligible to achieve professional status as an Actuary in Italy.


Starting from the academic year 2016/ 2017, students will have the opportunity to follow the Double Degree program between the MsC FiRM at UNIFi and the MsC in Finance and Accounting at Warsaw School of Economics. Unifi students will spend their 1st year at Unifi and their 2nd year at SGH, obtaining both degrees.

last update: 16-June-2016
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