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Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Finance and Risk Management

2014 / 2015

2014 / 2015
Course Credits Semester Lecturer
First Year
Quantitative Finance and Derivatives
I M.E. Mancino
Computational Finance 6 I L.Geronazzo
Quantitative Risk Management
II G.Puccetti
Corporate Finance 6 I O.Roggi
Corporate Governance and Financial Institutions 12 II S. De Masi & F.Ielasi 
Financial Services and Markets Laws 6 II F.Zatti 
International Financial Economics 6 II G.Cifarelli
Second Year
Merger & Acquisition Valuation 9 I O.Roggi
Financial Statement Analysis 6 II F.Giunta
Econometrics of Financial Markets 9 II G.Fiorentini
Choose one between
     Risk Theory and Solvency Models 12 I  A.Iannizzotto & I.Colivicchi
     Portfolio Choice and Optimization 12 I C.Mancini & P.Zezza
Optional Course (1) 9 II  
Other activities (2) 6 II  
Final Dissertation 18    


               (1) Optional courses can be chosen from here

               (2) Other activities: you have to choose one or two activities between workshop, stage, English for Business and Finance, other courses needed to enter the job market. 


Workshops Spring 2015

-- Bond Markets : Prof Lucio Geronazzo

(Interested students may earn 6 credits upon attending the workshop)

-- Insights on actuarial practice : prof Antonio Iannizzotto - Prof.ssa Ilaria Colivicchi

(Interested students may earn  3+3 credits upon attending the workshop)

-- Workshop on Quantitative Risk Management : Prof Giacomo Scandolo (START on 21th APRIL)

(Interested students may earn 3 credits upon attending the workshop)

-- GE at work : Ge-staff (START in MAY)

(Interested students may earn 3 credits upon attendng the workshop)

-- Advanced Corporate Finance : Dr Lorenzo Parrini (START on 24th APRIL)

(Interested students may earn 3 credits upon attending the workshop)

last update: 29-Apr-2015
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